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Construction & Demolition

Our expert ability to handle construction and demolition projects in the most difficult locations has enabled us to give our clients the service that they demand.

We ensure that all demolition & Strip Out projects undertaken are managed to a very high standard, adhering to all legal legislation’s and requirements. Prior to any works commencing, careful planning is required to ensure safety, access, restrictions, timescale’s and environmental issues if any are resolved.

Where required, we prepare and submit a fully detailed Method Statement and Safety Plan. The documents include information of the risk assessment, programme of works, Health & Safety issues thus ensuring that the project is progressed and completed in a safe and efficient manner.

G&K Contracts are experienced specialists in the following areas of work:

  • Soft Strip-Out
  • Concrete Breaking
  • Groundworks & Shuttering
  • Drainage
  • Building/Blockwork
  • Concrete Surfacing
  • Plastering

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